Research Center for Behavior Assessment


Who we are

The CRAMC is made up of interdisciplinary quality research groups from the URV who are involved in measuring and evaluating behavior.

One of these groups is specialized in models of measurement and statistical analysis techniques and in developing questionnaires in the field of personality assessment (Methodology Group). We also have groups that study the faculty of language (Psycholinguistics Research Group), assessment of occupational health, human resources, innovation and entrepreneurship and psychosocial risks (Spitzen Value, Human Resources Group), the infant and child psychopathology: Epidemiology, evaluation and risk factors in follow-up studies (Nutrition and Mental Health Group), the predictive psychosocial factors of chronic pain and disability in different age groups in relation to various problems (Algos Group), neurotoxicology, psychopharmacology, neuropsicology and emotions (Toxicology Group) and the environmental and genetic factors affecting disease and health in aging (Neurolab Group).

These groups all work collaboratively to study behavioral assessment in their fields.

Research Groups

Spitzen Value, Human Resources
Dr Boada Grau, Joan Tenured Associate Professor
Dr González Recio, Sonia Assitant Professor
Dr Macip Simó, Sergi Assitant Professor
Dr Serrano Fernández, María José Postdoctoral researcher

Group: ALGOS009 - ALGOS
Recerca en dolor
Dr Miró Martínez, Jordi Full Professor (Coord)
Dr Castarlenas Solé, Elena Researcher (MEC)
Dr Solé Pijuán, Ester Assisant Professor
Dr Tomé Pires, Catarina Assisant Professor
Dr Sánchez Rodríguez, Elisabeth Assisant Professor
Dr De la Vega Carranza, Rocio Grantholder
Mr Roset Mayals, Roman Research group collaborator
Mr Galán Ortega, Santiago Jesús Grantholder
Ms Sendra Toset, Anna Grantholder
Mr Llorens Vernet, Pere Grantholder

Group: GIPURV09
Grup d'investigació en psicolingüística
Dr García-Albea Ristol, José Eugenio Full Professor (Coord)
Dr Ferré Romeu, Pilar Tenured Associate Professor
Dr Demestre Viladevall, Josep Associate Professor
Dr Guash Moix, Marc Lecturer
Dr Gavilán Ibáñez, José Manuel Assitant Professor
Mr Rivera Guajardo, Daniel Collaborator
Mr Boada Navarro, Roger Grantholder
Mr Haro Rodríguez, Juan Grantholder

Escalament de Variables Psicològiques i Desenvolupament de Qüestionaris
Dr Ferrando Piera, Pere Joan Full Professor (Coord)
Dr Vigil Colet, Andreu Full Professor
Dr Lorenzo Seva, Urbano Full Professor
Dr Tous Pallarés, Jordi Tenured Associate Professor
Dr Morales Vives, Fabia Associate Professor
Dr Cosi Muñoz, Alexandra Lecturer
Dr Espinoza Díaz, Ivette Margarita Assitant Professor
Mr Navarro González, David Grantholder

Recerca en Neurocomportament i salut
Dr Colomina Fosch, Maria Teresa Full Professor (Coord)
Dr Ribes Fortanet, Diana Assitant Professor
Ms Peris Sampedro, Fiona Grantholder
Ms Basaure García, Pia Isabel Grantholder

Nutrició i Salut Mental
Dr Canals Sans, Josepa Full Professor (Coord)
Dr Hernández Martínez, Carmen Lecturer
Dr Voltas Moreso, Núria Grantholder
Ms Morales Hidalgo, Paula Grantholder

Laboratori de Toxicologia i Salut Mediambiental
Dr Vicens Calderón, Paloma Tenured Associate Professor
Dr Torrente Torné, Margarita Tenured Associate Professor
Dr Heredia Santaella, Luis Postdoctoral researcher