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Function Multiple-Choice Analysis (MCA) -> Item and option analysis and test scoring in multiple-choice measures

The MCA function is intended for performance and ability tests that use a multiple-choice item format, with the same number of options for all the items, and that is administered under the following conditions. First, there are no time limits, so that every examine can attempt every item in the test. Second, examinees are not requested to respond to all of the items. These conditions are submitted to be quite common in most exams the users of PT are familiar with. Furthermore, in these exams, students are usually told that there is a penalty for wrong responses so that guessing is not encouraged. For data collected in the conditions so far described, the MCA function: (a) performs item and option analysis, (b) obtains reliability estimates, and (c) scores examinees using different formula scores.

The output is organized in three parts. The first part describes the item analysis results, which are the same as in the CIA function with additional information about certain score descriptives (correct responses, errors and omissions) as well as the corrected difficulty indices. The second part describes the option analysis results. The third part, finally, provides uncorrected or corrected (at the user’s choice) scores for each examinee.

Download example data file: Multiple Choice

Correct pattern: 3312321131232211323121123213323233211232