Assessing and controlling acquiescent responding



We developed AcquiObli in Matlab 2015a release, and compiled it as a user-friendly standalone application for Windows 64-bit operating systems. Users can decide whether to use the advanced Matlab version of ACQUIOBLI, or the standalone version (which does not require any programming skills). We have tested the program in several computers with different versions of Windows (8.1/10) and found that it works correctly. The input consists of an ASCII format file containing the item scores. The user must indicate the items that are markers of acquiescence, and the content items that are reversed. AcquiObli can fit the following models: (a) the linear factor-analysis model (responses treated as continuous); (b) the two-parameter model (binary responses); and (c) Samejima's graded response model (graded responses). The user must select the model to be fitted, and must define if accelerated-Bootstrap confidence intervals and EAP factor scores are to be computed.