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About me

I work as a teaching assistant at the Psychology Department at the University Rovira i Virgili. I?m interested in how humans process natural language. Particularly I?m focused on pragmatics, the level of processing where language interacts functionally with other mental capacities.

Research Interests

Theory of Mind and language comprehension in schizophrenia
The aim of this study is to explore how deficits in mental states attribution could be reflected on language comprehension along its range of processing levels. We have found that, primarily, theory-of-mind correlates with language comprehension at the semantic-pragmatic level, as when the hearer needs the pragmatic ability to extract the figurative meaning of utterances such as metaphors, ironies, or proverbs. The consistent correlation found between both abilities appears to be genuine, in the sense that it doesn?t seem altered once we control for potential concurrent factors, such as general intelligence and/or some of the more representative executive functions.


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