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About me

I am associate professor in the Department of Psychology, Rovira i Virgili University. I am interested in the processing of rhetorical arguments from both, its approach to informal reasoning and its discursive approach.

Research Interests

In human communication both informal reasoning and linguistic processes are usually involved. We conceive the former as the main responsible for belief?s computation in the structure of communicative argument leading to differences in degrees of belief to a given claim. On the other hand, as long as we use verbal arguments, discourse processes play a fundamental role in the mode (how) and location (when) these computation takes place. My current research aims to examine and understand the structure and functioning of enthymemes taken in the classical sense of rhetorical syllogisms. Thus, the role of prior belief and premises? subjective probability is being examined in its relation to information validation in discourse processing. Thus, my main interest is on the cognitive study of the persuasiveness of a given conclusion in everyday arguments about hypothetical future events.


  • Gavilán, J. M., Rivera, D., Guasch, M., Demestre, J., & García-Albea, J. E. (2017). Exploring the Effects of Visual Frame and Matching Direction on the Vertical-Horizontal Illusion. Perception, 46, 1339-1355. 10.1177/0301006617724979