The Psychology of Personnel Selection
  General description
June 6-9, 2011  

Course overview

This course aims to provide an introductory overview to the theory and practice of personnel selection and work motivation. A guiding principle of the course will be the scientist-practitioner perspective, with particular emphasis on the value of scientific, theory-driven research for understanding and addressing pragmatic problems, notably the prediction of career success

Topics include: Methods for assessing and selecting people (including psychometric tests and assessment centres); forming judgements and making decisions (both in terms of evaluating a person’s suitability for a job, and in terms of evaluating the effectiveness of a selection system); basic and work-oriented theories of motivation (ranging from classic reinforcement theory to modern goal-setting theory); motivating employees (especially the use of rewards at work); related topics in employee relations (e.g., the influence of ‘fairness perceptions’ on employee motivation, engagement and job satisfaction).