Culture & Social-Personality Processes
  General description
March 23-25, 2010  

Course overview

These three seminars will examine a selection of issues related to the study of culture and personality (personality broadly defined, to include issues such as identity, traits, values, well-being, and some social behaviors). The seminars will summarize work on these issues conducted by Verónica Benet-Martínez and her collaborators, with a special emphasis on methodological issues and theoretical developments (e.g., switch from a focus on between-group cultural differences to within-individual cultural dynamics, impact of globalization on the individual, etc.).

An important goal of this course is to help you gain a better appreciation for the ways in which culture and the human psyche mutually constitute each other, and to enhance your ability to identify, quantify, and understand the role of culture and ethnicity on personality and social behavior.